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Founded in 2021, Wings & Arrow, LLC is a brand house delivering premium, all-natural hard seltzer, hard lemonade, and canned cocktail beverage brands for the thoughtful and active lifestyle drinker across California and the Western United States. It sells a portfolio of leading alcohol brands such as Ashland Hard Seltzer, Mucho Aloha Hard Lemonade and Villager Spirits. Wings & Arrow is jointly owned by craft brewing and beverage entrepreneur Josh Landan and a collective of artists, athletes, actors, and influencers who each utilize their craft to influence Wings & Arrow brands’ clean ingredients, honest recipes, novel flavors, and signature aesthetics.

Josh Landan forms Wings & Arrow, LLC to House Villager Spirits and Ashland Hard Seltzer Beverage Brands

New canned cocktail brand, Villager Spirits, and Ashland Hard Seltzer now represented by Stone Distributing.

SAN DIEGO, CA – NOV. 30, 2021

Ashland Hard Seltzer and Villager Spirits founder, Josh Landan, today announced the formation of Wings & Arrow, a holding company to leverage the craft alcohol brands’ common attributes. Ashland and Villager Spirits are both all natural, low sugar and low carb beverages built for an active lifestyle. The US hard seltzer market is more than $4 billion and has fueled the rise of the canned cocktail market, representing the fastest growing segment in the alcoholic beverage market. 


Founder Josh Landan started his career telling stories from behind the lens – as a film writer, director and producer featuring some of the world's top surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders. The passion for bringing his athlete friends' stories to life led him to where he is today. As hard seltzer became a drink of choice amongst his friends, Josh saw an opportunity to create something different while still continuing his passion to bring people together.

“Today’s drinker demands an assortment of different flavor profiles which is why hard seltzer and canned cocktails have gained market share from traditional beer choices,” said Landan. “Our all natural ingredients and low sugar and low carb recipes have already earned Ashland a spot on most store shelves in southern California. The addition of Stone Distributing to our team promises to bring California’s newest beverages to the masses.”

Landan launched Ashland Hard Seltzer on the heels of his successful exit from craft brewer, Saint Archer Brewing, which he sold to MillerCoors. In January of 2020, the brand launched its all-natural, 99 calories, 12 fluid ounces and 5% alcohol hard seltzer. Ashland now has over ten flavors containing zero sugar, zero fat, zero carbs, malt-free, and gluten-free.


As for Villager Spirits, every cocktail begins with the premium spirits flawlessly mixed with all-natural ingredients to create the perfect cocktail for any occasion. Featuring a lineup of nine finished cocktails that taste like they were mixed fresh. Villager Spirits offer the purest and cleanest cocktails made with simple, natural ingredients, gluten-free and lower in sugar, distilled with premium small-batch spirits for a smooth cocktail experience. 

A key strategy for Landan in building his brands has been to harness his friendships amongst celebrities from all walks of life to propel unprecedented growth of Ashland Hard Seltzer and Villager Spirits. Investors include: Jared Goff, Paul Rodriguez, Cody Bellinger, Ben Roethlisberger, Taylor Knox, Eric Koston, Leo Baker, Adam Devine, Chris Lane, Lauren Lane, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Blake Anderson, Halley Elefante and Caelynn Miller-Keys, and many more.

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Saint Archer Founder Unveils New Beyond Beer Brand House – Wings & Arrow; Raises over $10M in Initial Funding

SAN DIEGO, CA – APR. 5, 2022

Wings & Arrow, LLC, the parent company of a portfolio of rapidly growing, ready-to-drink (“RTD”) alcoholic beverage brands, announced the initial closing of a $10 million funding round to support the continued growth and development of the company’s portfolio. Wings & Arrow currently boasts Ashland Hard Seltzer, Villager Spirits canned cocktails, and will be debuting Mucho Aloha Hard Lemonade in May 2022.

“We are competing in the highest growth categories of the beverage alcohol category with brands that appeal to today’s consumer who is seeking differentiated brands with great taste and unique flavor profiles,” said Wings & Arrow founder, Josh Landan. “The data we are seeing in the market is evidence that what we are doing is working and we are committed to continuing to execute our growth plan in our core market of California and beyond.”

Wings & Arrow, is the latest brainchild of craft brewing and beverage entrepreneur Josh Landan, and is aptly named as an homage to Landan’s highly successful initial venture, Saint Archer Brewing, which sold to Molson Coors in 2015. In the most recent IRI data, Ashland Hard Seltzer is the leading independent brand in California, outselling leading national brands with the highest growth in the category.  


Leveraging his network of relationships from his career as an action sports filmmaker, Landan brought together a robust team of high profile influencers and investors that have contributed to the explosive growth of Ashland Hard Seltzer and Villager Spirits. Shareholders include professional athletes Jared Goff, Ben Roethlisberger, Paul Rodriguez, Cody Bellinger, Taylor Knox, Eric Koston; actors Adam Devine, Adam Scott, Blake Anderson; musician Chris Lane; lifestyle influencers Caelynn Miller-Keys, Halley Elefante, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and many more.

“It was an easy decision to get involved in this booze business with friends. We make great products with great people. Too easy,” said Adam Devine, actor and Wings & Arrow shareholder.

“With the diverse backgrounds of all of our owners in the arts, sports, music, and culture, each member of the team brings a level of inspiration, imagination, and taste to the process,” adds founder, Josh Landan.

Wings & Arrow will debut a fourth alcoholic beverage brand in the summer of 2022 that will compete in a new segment of the beyond beer market.

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